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Titan Electric's newest technology:


At Titan Electric, we're constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve, and ahead of the industry. One of the biggest ways we're leaning into the future is the implementation of Virtual Reality within our work. 

Leveraging VDC/BIM technologies, we can create detailed visual models of our installations to work alongside our partners—proactively decreasing the potential of conflicts later on in the design phase of the project. Our proactive research has led to the development and implementation of BIM and 3D capabilities within our CAD Department, as well as virtual and augmented reality integration throughout the installation. We offer full services and our Preconstruction/VDC Manager will participate in the construction coordination portion, as well as provide any modeling that may be requested. By adopting these technologies, we're reducing the overall project risk and increasing collaboration across subcontractors. BIM coordination is leveraged throughout the entire project life cycle—planning, design, and construction—to create the most efficient and successful project possible. 

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