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September 2023


To our Valued Staff, Customers, and Suppliers:

We are excited to share some important news regarding a change to our company's “in the office” work schedule. After careful consideration and planning, we have decided to transition to a 4-day, Monday-Thursday, in-the-office work week, starting Monday, 10/2/23.

This change was driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction, employee well-being, increased productivity, consistency, and efficiency, all while maintaining the high level of service you have come to expect from Titan Electric. This decision was not made lightly and included over a year’s worth of research and discussion.

We believe our current model of optional remote work on Monday and Friday has adversely affected our collaboration, cohesiveness, and productivity while not truly providing the work/family balance that we strive for. If we are correct, our efficiency and productivity will increase while providing a consistent opportunity for our employees and customers to collaborate, learn and grow organically by being in the office, available and together, four consecutive days a week. It will also give our employees three full days to be present for their families and refreshed for the work week. Both are equally important to us as “work/family balance” is one of our core values.

For now, this change does not affect the field, who will continue to work five days a week unless the project allows for four, ten-hour days, which we hope to accommodate when possible. This potential option will be discussed with our GC partners prior to the mobilization of each project.

Here is how this transition will benefit both our team and you, our customers:


By providing our employees with an extra personal day each week, we are fostering a healthier work-family balance. This will contribute to improved job satisfaction, increased morale, and reduced burnout, enabling our team to come back to work refreshed and energized and to be a better business partner.


With a consistent in-the-office work week, our team will have time to focus on their tasks and projects in a more efficient and cohesive manner. This means quicker response times and more productive handling of our business and your needs.


While our work week may look like it is being shortened, by being in the office four consecutive days with no remote option, we believe we will be more focused, collaborative, and consistent and are committed to ensuring that your needs are met. Our team will be available to assist through this transition. Each department has a plan to make sure issues that arise and need to be dealt with on Friday’s are handled efficiently and seamlessly.


This transition also gives our employees more time for training, skill development, and process improvement. This means an even higher level of service and a proactive approach to meeting your evolving needs.

During this transition, we understand that open communication is key. Our team is dedicated to minimizing any potential disruptions and ensuring a seamless experience for you. If you have any concerns, questions, or special requirements, please let us know and we will be happy to meet and discuss.

We value your partnership and look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional service during this exciting transition.

Thank you for your trust and understanding,

The Titan Electric Executive Team

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If you have any questions on our new four-day work week policy and/or how this will affect you, please reach out to Eric Wulf, or your Titan Electric contact. 

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