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Safety is absolutely paramount at Titan Electric and we are committed to a safe job site as our number one priority. We take every step necessary—and possible—to ensure a safe work environment for all employees on the job site. Below is a letter from our Safety Director that highlights our approach, along with our: EMR Rate, DART Rate, Recordable Frequency Rate, Time Loss Severity Rate, and Time Loss Frequency Rate. 

When you partner with Titan Electric, you can rest assured knowing that we will consistently go above and beyond to keep all people safe on every job site.

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Titan Electric's approach is more of a culture than it is an action. The cohesiveness that is created by team members exists to make sure that they are watching out for their fellow workmates. The culture begins with professionalism. That means that while we are taking care of each other, we're also taking care of our team members. Our employees know that they are held to the highest standard across the board. This commitment to safety is recognized within the industry; we’ve received a NECA Safety Award as well as the “Safest Sub-Contractor Safety Award” from various General Contractors. We make safety a priority by maintaining high safety-training standards, including:


  • Titan New-Hire Orientation: Every Titan employee goes through a stringent safety orientation at our main office in Bellevue, NECA trainings, and a site-specific safety orientation developed and issued by each project GF. 

  • Training-Tracking Program: To ensure that all Titan employees receive the training needed to mitigate the hazards faced during electrical installations, Titan uses an electronic system that provides access to our entire accident prevention program and is accessible by phone or PC. This safety management software allows safety tools such as forms, pre-task plans, permits, and training modules to be viewed in the field and is tracked by the safety department to ensure compliance.

  • Preconstruction: Within the preconstruction process we prioritize safety by evaluating potential safety challenges, both in the short and long term. We begin the process by creating an SSSP.

  • Empower our Field Staff: We equip staff with the right, highest quality tools for the job and proactively get their feedback to continually develop and implement safer ways of performing tasks.

  • Weekly Site Awareness Training

  • Continued Education: Employees are encouraged to improve their Safety Education at no personal cost.


Our approach to safety is both proactive and responsive, taking whatever means necessary and possible to keep our staff safe. We continue to prove this dedication to safety over the years by maintaining one of the lowest EMR ratings in the state of Washington for a large commercial electrical contractor.


With a commitment to the safety of all employees on every project,

Dawson McCulloch

Titan Electric Safety Director

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